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Maintenance systems

With the implementation of a maintenance management system many technical aspects are required.  It is almost impossible to have centralised control over all these specialisms.  Therefore we offer specifically designed training for specialists which emerge in various fields, who we will provide with the necessary knowledge in detail.  With the implementation of a recently started system or a new version another phase of the project opens up.  The carefully designed and developed system is activated.

From that moment on, your users will be in need of support in the area of usage and trouble-shooting expertise.  But at the same time there will be requests from the organization for changes or extensions.

In short the system itself will develop further.


Whether it is feeding data into the system or creating a management organization for your maintenance system, NoMondai has the knowledge and experience to support you with:

  • ♦ 2nd line helpdesk
  • ♦ Functional application management
  • ♦ Technical application management
  • ♦ Report management
  • ♦ Release and version management
  • ♦ Data uploading
  • ♦ Data cleaning