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Maintenance Process

Maintenance is not solely about repairing machines and installations anymore.  The work field has broadened to include conservation.  And maintenance management has developed further to cover the area of asset management,  in which related processes like purchase, logistics and finance are involved.  In the early days dispatch boards with cardboard cards were used.  Nowadays we have so many more tools at our disposal to control the maintenance process.  The basic  strength lies in the company’s descriptions of the work processes.  It is important to put in writing who has done which tasks, and how or when these tasks need to be executed.  An user friendly format is key and will be provided.

A clear maintenance description will prove its value to the organization:
  • ♦ Improvements of the organization
  • ♦ Strategical or tactical changes in (operational) management
  • ♦ Implementation of supporting software systems
  • ♦ Growth of the organization
  • ♦ Expansion of operational management



Whether it comes  down to documenting the current working situation or adjusting the organization to taking on a new business strategy, NoMondai has the knowledge and the experience to support you with:

  • ♦ Process design
  • ♦ Process improvement
  • ♦ Debottlenecking
  • ♦ Change management