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Maintenance organization

In the Toolbox of today’s technical service employee there is more than just keys and screwdrivers. We have made great technical progress, and we have also advanced in the way we look at maintenance.  And for this new tools are needed, not only in the toolbox but also in the form of maintenance systems.  And the challenges to optimally use these new tools in everyday practice are comprehensive.

We need to think of:
  • ♦ Self-managing teams of technicians
  • ♦ Reporting of the work done on the work floor
  • ♦ Budgeting
  • ♦ Merging or dividing functions.

Whether it is extending an existing feature or implementing a complete new business strategy, NoMondai has the knowledge and experience to support you with:

  • ♦ Organizational design
  • ♦ Job Descriptions
  • ♦ Tasks and qualifications matrix
  • ♦ Task-oriented or function oriented training
  • ♦ Change management