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CMMS Implementation

The implementation project

The implementation of a maintenance management system (or upgrade) is the work of specialists. They are fully aware of all the latest developments in the field of the relevant application. Communication with such a specialist is often challenging in practice. The implementer frequently asks for a point of contact or even a project leader on client’s side.

That is why there is a need for an employee who has a thorough knowledge of the implementation process as well as the application. For the client the employee will take on the role of point of contact, translator and assessor.
This role can be fulfilled in multiple ways with the client’s organization.



Implementation guidance

It does not matter whether it is for guidance of the project as a project manager or guidance in specific areas of the project, such as assessment of design, interpretation of users' wishes into  functional requirements, testing  the application or carrying out the training plan. We have the resources available to guide you

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Project audits

A software implementation project differs in essential details to a normal engineering or manufacturing project. The normal control and monitoring tools within the organization are therefore often not sufficient for such a project. We carry out audits during implementation projects in the sub-areas: Design, Data, Go-Live, Users and Planning to provide you with the information that is required in the decision-making process. 

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