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A different way of educating

The training of your employees is an important part of the implementation and use of an enterprise app., and this also applies to a Maintenance Management System or CMMS.
A great deal of attention and energy has been put into this.

But at the end of the implementation project large groups of users have to be trained in a short period of time. This training course requires a lot of extra effort on the part of your organization and your employees.
The daily work continues,  so it is not always easy to organize.

Is there another way?
Yes, the solution can be found by adding e-learning elements to the training package within your organization or project.
Below you will find more information about our solutions.


Web Based Training

The WBT is a custom-made, digital, interactive training course which enables users to work on their own from anywhere.  The process and application will be explained about any subject that arises for an user.  The user can practice real situations within the application.  The user can also repeat a training session as often as he or she wishes. This also applies to the period after the initial start-up of the system.

Click here for more benefits of the WBT and examples.

Learning portal

Our learning portal is a solution that makes learning easy within your organization for all users. Within the portal users can easily follow their own training and  progression.  However, it is also possible to obtain a written report, per user, per training session. So you can retain full control of the progress of all trainees in a cost effective and effortless manner.

Click here to see how competently we can deliver and look at a few examples.