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Specialized knowledge

During the implementation of a system there is a need within the project for many different disciplines.  Whether it is process knowledge of the various industries in the design phase or specific IT knowledge to install software in increasingly complex IT environment, a functional knowledge of the systems during the preparatory phase is essential.   Your implementation partner has all of these disciplines to hand. 

But obtaining all these disciplines from one supplier makes consultants generalists. Also there are parts of the project which need a specialist i.e.,  a person who has mastered the specific subject and who can provide the most optimal results in a short period of time.
Where can you find such a specialist?
Below you will find more information about our specialist areas.

Package selection

There is a large choice of maintenance management systems.  Choosing the right system for your situation is not simple or obvious.  Company-specific functionality, user-friendliness, adaptability, integration or stand alone.  All these aspects play a role in the selection process.  Based upon your objective and business processes we create the functional specification with which a package must comply.
We have a great number of large systems.  We also have smaller ones.  This means we can also advise you about your choice of system, supplier and approach.

Scope definition

Whether it is a small adaptation to an existing design or system, an upgrade or a new implementation, project control is only effective if the procedure and project goals have been established and fine-tuned in advance.  We have developed a project approach for the implementation of systems that can be used in the selection of a supplier during the application phase, but the scope definition is also used in the preparation of a project plan or Project Initiation Document.

Education plan

The added value of a system will not become apparent until the users use the system as designed.
To ensure that users have the ability to use the system optimally within this framework a large amount of teaching material is available.  The organization and effort put into the teaching materials and support options have been combined in a customer specific training program.
Of course we can also consult about this for you.

Testing of the system

You must test the system before you can start using it. However don’t only think about technical tests, but, above all, its applicability within your business process. In order to get a good overview of the system’s behaviour in full it is important not to allow the implementation partner to draw up the test scenarios and scripts.  Also, during the testing itself, it is important to look at the results by thinking out of the box.
We would be happy to advise you about this specific strategy.