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Blended learning?


What is blended learning?

In line with my previous blog and the long road that technology has made in my life, I want to focus on blended learning this time.
Because when I talk about that, it is also not understood and…. justly!
Years ago it was quite simple: a video was added to the classroom training and that was it. In addition, it was not used as frequently as it is today.
Now a mixed approach is possible in which the classroom and online training support and reinforce each other.
This makes the training (in time and impact) more effective and increases the opportunities for social learning, collaboration and informal strategies.
With this form of training, care must be taken that it is not only a better learning environment, but here too the learning program must be well aligned with the level of the target group (s).
For some courses, the value of group-based interaction with an enthusiastic and experienced trainer / coach cannot or hardly be surpassed, and then e-learning is a valuable, practical deepening.
In other cases, the differences in knowledge level can be eliminated by offering the theory in e-learning modules.
The classroom training moments are then used to apply the knowledge gained under the supervision of a trainer / coach. Apart from the fact that the collective part of the training is then shortened, the time that a participant is not present at his / her work is also much less so that it is possible to work with the newly acquired knowledge more quickly and to use it more effectively.

The success of every organization or company is extremely dependent on the employees, their knowledge and their skills.
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