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Expiration date of knowledge?

While I was walking through the supermarket I saw packaging that read: best before .... Valuable information which indicates the date warranty on the quality of the product. Immediately I was thinking about our training which I have given valid.

Of course we are aware of training and certificates with a validity but do not àll of these have a certain perishable date?
I think it is important there is regular training in new ideas and developments to which a new (also temporary maintainable) certificate is associated.

Back to the comparison with the supermarket and packaging.
If you buy there milk and let this pack lie on the kitchen counter you can throw it away after a few days, while the same pack of milk can be saved a few days in the refrigerator and can still be drunk.
Eventually it cannot continue indefinitely in the refrigerator, in other words, if you do something with your product it extends the expiration date.

It is the same with skills. If you have gained certain skills but you don’t use these for an year they are lost and you will have to learn these again.
When you frequently use the skills they are after a few years no longer up to date.
Because you already have experience, you can upgrade your knowledge by a short (refresher) training.
This is the way you ensure you stay equipped for your job.

Through these reviver you are also informed of all new developments and insights, and have extended the expiration date of your skills.

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