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Alfons Kemper

Alfons Kemper is the Founder and CEO of NoMondai. Alfons founded NoMondai because he realized that his 25 years of knowledge and experience would add real and significant value to any CMMS implementation project.

Alfons’ entire work experience is all about maintenance. He has worked in maintenance functions in various roles in the industry, buildings and infrastructures. The practical work experience he has gained he has combined with his experience in the field of Maintenance Engineering. This strong combination has been supplemented with in-depth knowledge of the entire maintenance process and general techniques in the field of project and change management.

In short, our CEO understands the technicians, speaks the language of the people in charge, and can present matters in a clear and analytical manner to the management. Whether developing or designing a concept, giving or building a training course or directing an implementation, you can be sure of the optimal implementation of the project.

The name NoMondai

NoMondai is a non-existent word that is made up of a negation (No) and the Japanese word Mondai which means problem.

So - No problem.
NoMondai wants to provide worry-free services to its customers so they can focus on their own core business.