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About us


The vision of NoMondai in the area of CONSULTANCY is based on our added value for the customer. Whether it is the functional design of maintenance management systems, advice in setting up a training plan or building a training course, the suitability and the return for the customer are central.

The strategy of the company is therefore focused on the development of quality products that contribute to the objectives of the client. Because each company and each job is different, we try to ensure flexibility in the products.
To do this, we also maintain our knowledge and skills in the field of project management, the maintenance process, change management and training.

Our customers’ questions are very diverse and the projects that emerge from these are always  focused on the effective and efficient achievement of the agreed goals. These measurable results are established before the work starts.
For NoMondai a project is only completed when the objective has been achieved and the users are satisfied.


Did you know:

Our love for maintaining standards at NoMondai is not limited to work hours?

This Volkswagen van from 1971, is still being used and maintained with a lot of dedication.


The combination of years of experience in maintenance, knowledge of processes and the ability to realize change forms the main principle of our quality products.  And we are proud of it!